Chemical Cleaning Services

Our chemical cleaning services will keep closed systems clean and free from contamination, alongside a managed regime of maintenance and servicing.

Pre-Commission Cleaning

Pre-commissioning cleaning is a standard requirement of all new closed water installations under BSRIA guidelines. 

The new pipework installations on heating and chilled water systems will require the removal of contaminate debris such as milli-scale, jointing compounds and building debris. These contaminants will increase the risk of blockage at strainers and small bore control valves. Advances in modern day systems have made the process of pre-commission cleaning an essential procedure to facilitate maximum plant efficiency.

Acid Cleaning 


Acid cleaning involves the circulation of a low concentration acidic solution to remove unwanted oxides and deposited scales from pipe surfaces. It can be performed in systems such as boilers, calorifier heat exchangers, condensers and cooling towers. The most commonly used acids for the removal of oxides and ferrous metals are inhibited hydrochloric acid and ammoniated citric acid. Inhibited acids contain chemicals that form a protective film over system pipework in an acidic environment, preventing further corrosion to the pipework surfaces.