Professional Antiviral Cleaning Service with Fogging against COVID-19


There are several methods of deep cleaning. The most common is known as a TR19 compliant clean in kitchens for cooker canopies and ducting to remove grease build-up and remove other contaminants.

For deep cleaning within kitchens and extended to offices, care settings and industry, there is a method called fogging. This has been used in hospitals for dealing with MRSA.

Fogging is the work of a specialist contractor using specialised products and cleaning methods.  Fogging uses an antiviral disinfectant solution (to BS EN 14476 standard) which cleans and sanitises large areas of a building quickly and effectively. It can kill off the virus and other biological agents in the air and on surfaces. The task involves spraying a fine mist from a spray gun which is then left to evaporate, usually for 6 hours.

Specialist sanitisation services and disinfection with CERTIFIED detergents:

  • Using BS EN 1276 certified non-toxic virucidal solutions

  • Kills 99.99% of germs, thus minimising the risk of viral infection

  • Done by experienced technicians with protective gear

  • Options for domestic and commercial properties


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